Chronic diseases in children are not just a number, they are a reality that affects millions families worldwide

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Supporting Children with Serious Medical Conditions is crucial for their developement

Dealing with a child's serious illness requires sensitivity and support, as it impacts their emotions and daily life. Open communication tailored to their understanding can alleviate anxiety, and maintaining normalcy through routines is crucial.

Child Mind Institute
EN | 30 October, 2023
Read 10 min

AI Chatbots vs. Physicians: Higher Score in Empathy and Quality in Patient Responses

A study comparing responses to patient questions found that AI chatbot replies were preferred over those from physicians, scoring higher in quality and empathy, suggesting AI's potential in assisting with patient inquiries.

John W. Ayers, PhD, MA
EN | 28 April, 2023
Read 23 min

Understanding the Challenges of Chronic and Rare Diseases Among Austria's Children

Austria sees over half of its 400,000 rare disease sufferers as young individuals facing daily challenges and requiring varying levels of support. With a 16.8% adolescent chronic illness rate, the need for better law enforcement to protect these youths is clear. This report advocates for a stronger commitment to their well-being and rights.

LIGA für Kinder- & Jugendgesundheit
DE | January, 2022
Read 8 min

How does artificial intelligence learn?

Today, artificial intelligence helps doctors diagnose patients, pilots fly commercial aircraft, and city planners predict traffic. These AIs are often self-taught, working off a simple set of instructions to create a unique array of rules and strategies. So how exactly does a machine learn? Briana Brownell digs into the three basic ways machines investigate, negotiate, and communicate.

Briana Brownell
EN | 11 March, 2021
Read 10 min

Persistence and Remission in Childhood Asthma: A Population-Based Cohort Study

A study from Ontario on childhood asthma shows early health care interactions predict long-term persistence. Children with frequent doctor visits or hospitalizations post-diagnosis are at a higher risk of chronic asthma by age 12.

Teresa To, PhD
EN | Dezember 2007
Read 18 min

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