We empower those struggling with life-altering conditions to feel supported, understood and never alone

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We're Your COBYs
At COBY, we don't just have employees; we have COBYs - real coping buddies who embody our mission. Our team is composed of compassionate, dedicated individuals who have shown the strength to support those in need. Each member brings their unique skills and experiences to create an environment where empathy and innovation thrive.

CoFounder & CEO

David Cañadas Link

In 2020, a personal journey began for David with a life-changing diagnosis of Stargardt Disease. This experience opened his eyes to the significant need for support in daily life for those with chronic conditions, a need largely unmet by the existing healthcare system. Combining this personal insight with his expertise in innovation management, generative AI, and service design, David founded COBY. His vision is to harness technology for compassionate and practical support, making a real difference in the lives of those facing similar challenges​​.

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Creative Director

Carmen Mellado

Carmen combines her understandingof chronic health challenges with her professional mastery in creative strategyand art direction. Her expertise in digital product development, designsystems, and UX/UI design, refined in diverse sectors including automotive andhospitality, is integral to crafting COBY's engaging user experience. Hercreative vision is pivotal in realizing COBY's commitment to supporting thosewith chronic conditions through innovative, empathetic design solutions.

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Our Values

Our mission is to help individuals to adapt by providing continuous support and an inclusive community


We take our time to listen and build real trust


We are COBYs –
we actually care about each other 


We are who we say we are, and we do what we say we do


We solve real problems that need to be solved


What we do, we do it with our hear, mind and soul

We will make a

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