The Coping Buddy

Meet COBY, where technology and heart converge to support those with chronic health conditions in day-to-day challenges and activities. COBY is more than just an AI or a toy - it's a friend, a coach and a community of peers.

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An image of a smartphone with the logo of COBY AI on itImage of the COBY COping Buddy Chameleon Toy

An AI-powered companion that helps in day-to-day challenges

Practical Tips

Navigate daily life with ease: COBY provides tailored practical tips to help users manage their chronic conditions effectively. From coping strategies to lifestyle advice, COBY is designed to make daily routines smoother and more manageable.

Emotional Support

A friend who understands: COBY offers compassionate emotional support, always ready to listen and respond empathetically. Whether it’s a tough day or a moment of doubt, COBY provides comfort and reassurance, ensuring no one feels alone in their journey.

Accessibility Assistance

Empowering Independence: COBY enhances accessibility, making technology more user-friendly for those with chronic health conditions. It offers assistance in setting up and using accessibility features on various devices, enabling users to navigate their digital world with greater ease and confidence.

Community Access

Connect with Peers: COBY opens doors to a supportive community of individuals with shared experiences. It facilitates connections and interactions within a safe and understanding environment, allowing users to share stories, gain insights, and find inspiration from others who truly understand.

Worldwide more than 480 Million children suffer from chronic health conditions

Dominant feeling
Child trying to read from a board with glasses having difficulites when doing so


Child feeling lonely and with emotional pain due to his health condition


Child in a wheelchare getting mocked by other students


Child infront of a mirror having self esteem and personality issues because of his chronic health condition

& Family

With COBY by your
side, every step
becomes a leap forward

Man getting diagnosed from a doctor with a chronic health conditionOne

Embracing a new reality with COBY

After receiving a life-changing medical diagnosis, COBY is introduced as a supportive system to help navigate this new chapter of life.

Personalizing Your COBY Experience

Users create a profile and complete questionnaires to fine-tune COBY's AI, tailoring it to their specific medical condition and personality.

Daily Support and Adaptation

COBY offers daily interaction and situational support, providing solutions and constantly adapting to the user's needs and routine.

Connecting with Peers

COBY facilitates connections with a peer community, enabling user matching and participation in community events for shared experiences and support.

Growing with COBY

As users transition into adulthood, COBY adapts to this life phase. Rights of use are transferred from parents to the user, with continued AI fine-tuning to meet evolving needs​​.
Man testing COBY on his smartphone and being surprised about its capabilities

helpful and fun

"Testing the COBY prototype was an eye-opening experience. What stood out to me was the unique blend of practical tips, positive encouragement, and a touch of humor. It felt like interacting with a friend who really understands and supports me in dealing with my condition. I'm genuinely impressed by how it made me feel supported and heard."

Diagnosis: Retinitis Pigmentosa

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